How to tell if your roof needs repair

Knowing that a roof is leaking can be simple, but determining that the roof needs replacement is not very easy. Poor roof covering can lead to many problems such as energy and heat loss as well as water penetration that may lead to the destruction of other roofing elements. Noticing the telltale signs early enough is always crucial as it allows you to intervene in time and prevent excess water from destroying other roof elements. You need to check that there are no gaps and holes and roofing tiles in all the time.

How to Tell if Your Roof Needs Repair:

If there is part of the roof that seems to get hotter or colder than other parts of the roof, it is because the is a part of the roof that is allowing heat to enter directly into the roof as well as escape very fast went there is whether changes. There are many other ways of telling your roof needs repair, which includes the following:

i. Age of the roof: most experts recommend that a typical roof should only last for about 25 years at maximum. The time that the roof can take mainly on the design and the materials used in making the roof. If the roof is installed over another layer and has lasted over 20 years, there are high chances that roof is leaking and knew roofing needed to be installed.

ii. Curling and Buckling Shingles: buckling or curled shingles can be another sign that you need a new roof. Check at the slopping side of your roof that gets direct sunlight, and if there are some curling single or losing granules, then that mean that roof is past its life expectancy.

iii. Blocked Roof Valleys: if the shingles of the roofs have separated or are missing in some areas, it is a great sign that you need a new roof. Valleys are very critical valleys of the roof as the snow and rain water goes through the valley. If the valleys of your roof are already compromised, then the roof is high susceptible to roof leaks.

iv. Granules in the gutters: check the gutters to check if it is loaded with shingle granules. Roofs tend to lose most of their granules at the end of their life cycles. Shingle granules in the gutters can be an indicator that the roof is already passed their life expectancy.

v. Entry of daylight through the roof boards. If you notice a trampoline bounce in the roof, it may mean that the underlying deck is weakened and is allowing moisture into the inside of the roof. Check out your attic and check weather are some daylight coming from roof boards.


There are many other ways of telling if your roof needs repair. If there are small holes that allow smalls animals such as rats and squeal into the roof, then it can be the right time to replace the roof. As soon as you learn that there is part of the roof that needs repair, repair it immediately. If there was a nasty storm recently, then you may need to check your roof for damage.

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