Personal Injury Claim: What Is A Personal Injury Claim And How Can I Make One?

Anyone who has suffered any injury that they cannot be blamed for will be able to make a claim against the person who is at fault. Making a personal injury claim is not as hard as some may think. What I would like to tell you about today is how you can do this and what to expect. A claim such as this will include if you were to fall over in your place of work due to health and safety regulations not being followed. As well as this another example would be that if you were out shopping and a shelf was to fall on you.

You have many options in how you want to contact a solicitor like Tiernan & Co. personal injury solicitors or center that deals with such claims which mean that it is easy enough for anyone. You could go via the internet, or ring the solicitor direct. You also have the option of faxing your details and requesting they get in touch or going to the nearest solicitors and asking them if they deal with such claims. What you should bear in mind though is that some people who offer this service will take their costs from the amount you receive.

Some people will offer you an agreement that works in your favor meaning that you have nothing to lose; this is known as a no win no fee. This allows you to get the help you need from a specialist solicitor as well as any doctors you may need to see to back up the claim you are making without having to pay any costs should you lose. Another option is that the person who is working for you is allowed to recover all the costs that their services have amounted to from the person who is at fault.

Of course, you will know that you can get the compensation for injuries, but as part of the claim, you will also be able to claim back any money that you have not earned as you have had to take time off work to get to appointments or so that you can recover. If it is deemed that you will not be able to return to work, then you will be paid for the amount of money you will have lost due to your inability to find employment. Any money you have had to pay out on medical costs will be reimbursed to you also, as will any travel expenses to and from your appointments.

One thing that you should always remember is that even if your injuries seem small and give you pain you feel you can cope with you should still see someone in medical authority so that you can verify the injuries if you do decide to make a claim. This will then mean you have the records to show as evidence.

You will be able to claim back financial losses as well as money for injuries and loss of earnings. If for example you broke your watch or your clothes were ruined you should make sure that you make a claim for these at the same time.

You can never be sure how much you will receive as part of your settlement. This is because each case will vary. You should take the advice of your solicitor if they tell you to accept or to reject any offers as they will know better to you whether this is a reasonable amount about what you have been through.

The usual amount of time that you can claim is normally up to three years since the accident, so you should not think that because you did not make a claim right away that you are not able to. There are certain cases such as if you worked somewhere that had hazardous materials but were not warned when you would be able to make a claim a lot later than this.

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